Installing Haiku OS in your computer How-To

Hi, in this tutorial you will see some easy steps to install Haiku OS in your computer.

You will use the Haiku Installer and boot manager, a Linux installation in another disk is needed
because we need it to create a partition.

Before start you need:
• USB Drive with at least 1GB (All data in there will be lost!)
• A computer able to boot up from an USB Drive, like a memory key.
• An IDE Hard Drive, all data may be lost!

Is highly recommended you have two hard drives, one running Linux and one to install Haiku.

First of all, go to Haiku website and download the latest RAW snapshot.
Now plug in you computer your USB Drive.

Open up a console and logged as root type: (Only what is in BOLD)
dmesg (It will show you what file represents your USB drive)
Like that:
[megaf@OneClickOS ~]$ su
[root@OneClickOS megaf]# dmesg

usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning
scsi 4:0:0:0: Direct-Access Generic Flash Disk 8.07 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb] 7890944 512-byte hardware sectors (4040 MB)

Delete all partitions in your memory key.

Unzip the raw image.

Now, lets use a tool called dd to transfer the raw snapshot to your usb drive.
dd if=haiku-alpha-gcc4.image of=/dev/sdb (in my case is sdb, check what is your drive in
dmesg result, this will take some time, about 10 minutes. Maybe less maybe more)

You may get something like 419430400 bytes (419 MB) copied, 197.898 s, 2.1 MB/s

OK, at this point you already have a Haiku LiveUSB system! But with only a few Mb to store
your files.

Now create a partition using your favorite partitioning tool and create a partition with 20Mb,
then create another one, with BeOS File System, where Haiku will be installed and your files stored,
save the changes, delete the first one partition and leave the space in blank, you need to do that because
the Haiku boot man wants this way, so… What can we do…

Right, turn your computer off, I recommend you to unplug your Linux disk to avoid troubles.
Configure your BIOS to boot up first via usb drive.

Save changes, plug the memory key and
start up.

Cool! Now you just got Haiku running in your computer, isn’t it cool?

To install this amazing system in your hard disk you will use a Haiku tool called Installer, just
type Installer in the Haiku Terminal.

Select where do you want to install. Wait until it copies all files, then press that button to make

Now only one step left, close the installer and in the terminal type bootman and follow the

Unplug your usb drive and restart your computer,

Well done!

Tutorial written by Megaf to all Open Source community and computer enthusiasts.


8 thoughts on “Installing Haiku OS in your computer How-To

  1. bornagainpenguin

    Thanks for these instructions! They were very helpful in getting Haiku installed on my USB key, not if I can only figure out how to get WiFi working on my EeePC 901….

    1. Megaf Post author

      at the moment is impossible to get wifi in Haiku,
      there are people working in this so, i hope we get wifi in a few weeks.

  2. Marek

    if it only was that simple, at least as simple as installing different BeOS versions back in the days :)… hard as I tried I didn’t manage to install Haiku on my hard drive; I used dd both in Linux and Windows, and then tried this tool: ; it wrote the raw image on the USB drive but then Haiku wouldn’t boot;
    I wonder why they won’t simply make an ISO to be burnt on CD/DVD , and why do I have to use bloody dd? in Linux? (I hate Linux, I want my Haiku/BeOS :))

    1. Megaf Post author

      not all computer can boot haiku via a usb key, my computer cant do this.
      i hate linux also 🙂

      they are going to build an iso as soon as they have a more stable release.

      try to boot in another computer.

  3. drstrangelove

    i used ubcd and under partitioning tools used ranish. then you set up a beos partition, toggle as active, save abd reboot with the haiku iso cd. you then use haiku’s partitin manager and finalize. set up target drive and in about 10 minutes youy’ll have a new os!

  4. Megaf Post author

    hm, now a days its even easier to install Haiku, just download the Haiku ISO and then burn in. 🙂

    It got an pretty good Installer.


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