Mandriva 2011 Technology Preview

Hi all,
due to a huge number of big changes in Mandriva 2011 so far, combined with rpm5 migration both in the repositories and inside the build system, we have decided to shift the release dates for Mandriva 2011 by two weeks, to give us a better time period to fit the remaining pieces.

Therefore, the new release calendar for Mandriva 2011 will look like this:
– Mandriva 2011 Alpha: February 14 2011
– Mandriva 2011 Alpha 2: February 28 2011
– Mandriva 2011 Beta 1: March 14 2011
– Mandriva 2011 Beta 2: April 11 2011
– Mandriva 2011 RC: May 9 2011
– Mandriva 2011 Final: June 13 2011

However, as today’s date was promised to give you a preview on how Mandriva 2011 will look like, we have decided to prepare an additional release, calling it Mandriva 2011 Technology Preview, to show what is inside current Mandriva Cooker, and what will be available in Alpha. And this Technology Preview becomes available today .

The Technology Preview showcases what will be inside the first Mandriva 2011 Alpha version. It already comes with rpm5, native systemd, networkmanager support, KDE 4.6.0, kernel 2.6.37, firefox 4b10, server 1.9, clementine 0.6 and lots of updated packages everywhere.

Also, this Technology Preview shows a preview of the the new way we are thinking on how to run and install Mandriva Desktop. It will be possible to use the same Mandriva image to run it live, from either cdrom and flash drives (you can use the Addons/livecd-iso-to-disk script from it, contained within the iso), or install it, all from the same image. So we will have the “Mandriva Desktop” image which will supersede both Mandriva Free and Mandriva One.

Of course, it comes with some missing pieces yet:
– Networkmanager daemon is not started automatically on boot. In order to use it, run the ‘systemctl start networkmanager.service’ after boot.
– Artwork is not updated to the latest version.
– And there are still many many bugs to fix.

But if you want to see the current way of things in Mandriva Cooker, and see an rpm5 and native-systemd-powered version of Mandriva, keep an eye on your favorite mirror – the isos should appear there shortly.

Eugeni Dodonov

Download now!
Mandriva 2011 TP i586 122.torrent

Mandriva 2011 TP x86_64 122.torrent


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